RSgolf is offering your school an opportunity to take part in a comprehensive introduction to the game of golf.

The programme aims to give a fun introduction to the game, from using modified equipment, games and activities, suitable to both indoor and outdoor use in fun , safe mannor to using full equipment with safe limited distance balls. The emphasis of the instruction is simplicity through a games based approach to ensure fun pupil centered learning enviroment. The curriculum offers much more than basic motor skill development and our range of strands allow focus on a number of areas including:

  • skills development – an introduction to the basic skills of the game including putting, chipping, pitching and full swing.
  • core life skills – we will take a deeper look at important life skills such as honesty integrity and respect and their role in life as well as the game of golf
  • physical intelligence – emphasis on the development of fundamental movement skills
  • emotional intelligence – development of golf specific coping strategies that can be implemented in facing issues in everyday life.
  • cognitive awareness – using guided discovery tasks to face and overcome specific golf related tasks
  • cross curricular activities – incorporating age specific lessons plans that help target areas such as numeracy skills, spatial awarness, etc.

In a school enviroment this offers the opportunity for the development of a curriculum that reflects the school needs. With a background in education the P.G.A. golf professional with qualifications in the area of sport psychology and golf specific fitness.

Bring golf to your school for a slittle as €2 per child